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Welcome to European Conference on Digital Exams and Assessment (ECDEA 2019)

ECDEA is a new meeting focusing on  a very important topic

This is the first European conference focusing exclusively on use of digital methods for exams and assessment. It will initially focus on high-stakes business such as medical board exams, but with a broader general focus as well. The presenters are some of Europe's most qualified leaders from various exam and assessment organizations.

The event will also host training sessions, Day 1 and 2, on common challenges such as how to write good exam questions, statistical methods, different assessment methods, organizational aspects as well as other tips and tricks. You can sign up to these along with registration.

It will be an intimate meeting and a possibility to meet new friends and colleagues to discuss digital exams and assessment. The conference ends day 1 with a networking session in a nice atmosphere. An opportunity to discuss interesting opportunities.

Seats are limited so early registration is recommended.

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About the meeting

Who should attend and what to expect

Digital exam and assessment methods are becoming very important topics in modern education.

To date there is no dedicated event for these topics. There is a growing interest to learn about future ways of assessing knowledge and skills where digital methods will play an important role. 

Many organization are either preparing or already implementing various digital tools in education. This meeting will be a good place to see examples from leading institutions, exchange experiences or participate in classes in specific subjects.

It is the hope that it will be a professional opportunity to network with peers in an intimate setting.

There will also be a possibility to express interest in taking part in the organizational committee for 2019 to help influence the format and content of future meetings.

Finally, we hope that the people attending the event can proudly say that they participated in the very first conference focused on the important topic of digital exam and assessment.

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See below  - 2018 activities

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Session Chairs (2018)

andrew elder.jpg

Prof Andrew Elder

Medical Director, MRCPUK

Over 25,000 physicians in training sit MRCPUK examinations around the world each year. 

Prof Elder was Chair of the Clinical Examining Board from 2008-2013 and was responsible for MRCPUK PACES, the largest postgraduate clinical skills examination in the world. 

Appointed Medical Director of MRCPUK in late 2013, he leads the strategic development and delivery of 15 different postgraduate examinations in more than thirty countries around the world.

Dr Sam Mukhopadhyay

Consultant, Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Mr Mukhopadhyay is currently a consultant in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. He has a broad range of skills in general gynaecology including medical and surgical management of menstrual disorders and pelvic pain. 

He has an interest in education and training. He has been appointed as the lead for undergraduate teaching of the reproduction unit for the new medical school at Norwich. He is a published writer in the area of exams.


Stefan Park

Chairman, Orzone

Stefan Park has worked on different forms of medical training and assesment for 25 years. He is a founder of multiple medical educational companies and organizations, including companies such as Mentice, Surgical Science and Orzone. The companies and products created have resulted in more than 40 patents and the technology featured in 200+ peer reviewed publications.

In his role as Chairman in Orzone since 2008 he oversees scientific and technical strategies for exam and assessment methods. Orzone is working with exams and assessment in 43 countries in 15 different languages. 


Mats Brenner

National coordinator

Mats Brenner has his workplace as an educationalist at the University of Gavle in Sweden since 1998. He has during that period been an innovator and early adopter of various forms of educational methods and technologies.

He has led and/or participated in several national and international projects for strategies and evaluations in areas such as online learning, online assessment and digital exams.

Currently he serves as a national coordinator for SUNETs digital exams project which is a national inventory of digital exams projects at educational institutions.

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List of Speakers (2018)

Prof Christina Wikström

Christina Wikström is associate professor in Educational Measurement at the Department of Applied Educational Science, Umeå University. Her research focuses on validity issues in educational assessment and particularly related to measurement in the selection to higher education.

Christina is currently also leading a research project focusing on the measurement of perspective taking in policing. She is head of the doctoral program in Educational Measurement at Umeå University, and one of the coordinators for a national research school in quantitative research methods in education (QRM). Christina is chair of the international advisory board for the Swedish Scholastic Assessment Test, the SweSAT; member of an advisory committee for the Swedish Council for Higher Education


Prof Ioannis E. Messinis

Dr Ioannis E. Messinis is Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University of Thessaly, Greece. He has two MD degrees in Greece (Athens and Ioannina) and a PhD in the UK (Aberdeen). His research interest is Reproductive Endocrinology and he has more than 230 published articles in peer review journals.  

He has also been a member of the Advisory and the Executive Committees of various International Organizations (ESHRE, EBCOG, MSRM) and President of MSRM. He is currently Director of Examinations of EBCOG (European Board and College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology)

Ioannis MESSINIS Image-1 (2).jpg

Dr Knut Fahlén

Dr Knut Fahlen is project manager for the first phase, to be completed in 2018, of the digitalization of the bi-annual admission test to Swedish Universities with approximately 70,000 students in each sitting.

His academic work stem from research in business, economy and administration. He is a management consultant engaged in various senior assignments in both government and private practice


Linda Jerdenius

Linda Jerdenius is system administrator of digital exams at Gothenburg University. She is responsible for system maintenance, documentation, support of users and driving the development work.

Linda Jerdenius has worked 14 years in various roles relating to implementing and administrating Learning Management and Talent Management Systems, prior to taking on her current role. Her work with digital exams is motivated by proving a tool to allow teachers to in multiple (and better) ways evaluate knowledge and students to use  use a tool they are used to.

Linda Jerdenius.jpg

Dr Maeve Durkan

Dr. Durkan is the former Dean of Academy , GalwaySchool of Medicine, and on relocating  to Cork  she is practicing as  a Consultant Diabetologist / Endocrinologist at the Bon Secours Hospital, Cork and Cork Diabetes & Endocrinology Clinic ( .

She is currently the President Elect of UEMS (European Union Committee for Medical Specialties) ,Board  of Endocrinology and has been appointed to the UEMS Examination committee.  She is currently serving as vice-president at CESMA ( Council for European Specialists Medical assessments ), a European organization working to support and promote the use of structured exams in more than 35 countries.


Per Klasson

Per Klasson is employed as a business developer with focus on IT at the educational department in Växjö, Sweden, municipality. His intial interest for photography and digital media dates back to the 80s. In the 90s he started to work within media and IT education and has for the last 20 years work with various involving digital tools in education. 

Per Klasson has a keen interest in how assessment can be embedded in the learning processes and not just used as a stand-alone testing tool, in particular with an emphasis on how it can enhance the student teacher relationship.

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Help Center

Do you have any questions?

How do I register?

The 2019 registration will be open soon. If you have any specific questions use the contact from at the bottom of the page.

How do I sign up for a training class?

The 2019 registration for training classes will be open soon. If you have any specific questions use the contact from at the bottom of the page.

Where is the conference organized?

The conference takes place at Kungsportsavenyn 21, downtown Gothenburg, Sweden. It is the high street with plenty of hotels within walking distance.

It takes about 20 minutes to get to the airport with bus or taxi.

Charitable cause

The conference is organized by Ortrac AB as PCO at self cost to cover the cost of meeting space, organization, catering and equipment.

If the number of participants exceed budget and there is a surplus, then donations will be made to a combination of UNHCR (United nation refugee program) and educational grants for next years congress.


Given the costs involved it will not be possible to offer refunds. If people can demonstrate family bereavement or serious illness then it may be provided an opportunity to participate free of charge in a future event. 

Also, since this is a new event, if unforeseen events or force majeure take place then the organizer reserve the right to cancel or change the event. In such a case then the paid in amount (minus non-refundable amounts such as taxes and fixed fees) will be refunded either in cash or as a voucher for next event.

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