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ECDEA - Key Events 2018

Presenters from Europe's most qualified leaders in combination with hands on training sessions. An intimate meeting and a possibility to meet new friends and colleagues to discuss digital exams and assessment.

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Prof Andrew Elder talked about delivery of postgraduate examinations in multiple countries and the future of exams. Dr Sam Mukhopadhyay talked about his experience from exams in UK and Europe. Mats Brenner National Coordinator - talked about strategies and evaluations in areas such as online learning, online assessment and digital exams. Stefan Park, CEO Orzone - spoke about scientific and technical strategies for exam and assessment methods. Prof Christina Wikström talked about validity issues in educational assessment and particularly related to measurement in the selection to higher education. Prof Ioannis E. Messinis talked about the different types of examinations, in the EBCOG society. Dr Knut Fahlén - talked about digitalization of the bi-annual admission test to Swedish Universities for 140,000 students. Linda Jerdenius - talked about digital exams is motivated by proving a tool to allow teachers to in multiple (and better) ways evaluate knowledge and students. Dr Maeve Durkan - talked about the UEMS and CESMA organization and their methods. Per Klasson - talked about how assessment can be embedded in the learning processes and not just used as a stand-alone testing tool

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